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“integral vision spawns an evolving state of well-being; integral is the dimensionality wherein life is self-creating”

co-founder of the institute for integral neuro-fasciology
co-creator of integral neuro-fasciology, inf
co-founder of gift of life integral organics, golio

aaron marco, co-founder of the institute for integral neuro-fasciology, has qualifications and expertise in the field of manual therapies specializing in fascia and anatomical structure. aaron has studied and gained extensive experience in central nervous system support; integrating physiological and structural function and systems; complex nutritional design; pedagogical systems and frameworks for cognitive stimulation and development and optimal neurological development and function; physical and functional movement therapies and practices.

aaron’s innovative and cutting-edge methodology, inf manual method, accesses the seamless interplay between the body’s physiological and physical structure and function. he has synthesized his broad knowledge and specialized experience with modern technology and developed an integral design that supports and compliments the challenges of both contemporary living and the complex needs of the physiologically and physically hurt and unwell. this is what makes his method contemporary.

after some years of traveling North America training in various forms of manual and complimentary somatic therapies, aaron is now based in North Carolina. originally a graduate from Duke University with a B.S. in Economics, 2006, aaron embarked upon a life-changing career journey: the pursuit of and an understanding of what he has come to name integral well-being. he began his training in structural integration at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, 2008 and completed his studies at IPSB College in San Diego, CA, 2009. he received certification as an Advanced Rolf Structural Integrator from the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, 2010 and passed the Certification Exam for Structural Integratorssm, 2010, earning the title Board Certified Structural Integratorcm. additionally, aaron is qualified in The Rossiter System. The Rossiter System is an evolutionary approach to structural bodywork and is designed to provide fast and highly effective relief from physical pain.

the creation of inf manual method came from aaron’s desire to create a more complete and effective manual approach. his vision was to develop a method that would address complex physiological and physical conditions on an integral level.  integral, as he came to define it, as being that which is essential and necessary for a whole to be complete. aaron’s ultimate aim was to provide individuals with a desired and sustainable resolution; optimum functioning potential; and, finally integral well-being.

over the years, he discovered that there were limitations to all of the different therapies that he had studied and practiced. over time, it became apparent to him that there was a way to combine features of all of them to be able to address and provide more. the technique he wanted to develop was one that would effectively provide higher quality and faster effects while at the same time yield more panoptic results than he was already achieving.

inf manual method technique developed from aaron’s qualifications and expertise in structural integration, Rossiter and kettlebell training and training and experience in osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy, Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation, myofascial release, Loren Berry Method, Feldenkrais Method, Anat Baniel Method, functional movement and Continuum movement.

inf manual method embodies a synthesis of manual manipulation of the body’s tissue, nervous system support, strengthening techniques, body movement, and self-empowerment. the objective of inf manual method is to optimize the structure/function of physical, physiological and neurological processes; access higher functioning potential; increase mental stamina; empower the individual to conveniently incorporate the process into a designed lifestyle that is highly customized and individual specific to fluently meet the demands of contemporary living.